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United States of America Pickleball Association – This website has LOTS of information about Pickleball. This is also the place where YOU can become a member and then have the ability to play in sanctioned tournaments and become a ranked player.

Approved Paddles and Balls for Tournament Play

  • List of Paddles

    Please do not purchase wood paddles as they are heavy and will not have the bounce and control that a paddle with a polymer core, graphite or aluminum will have which provides greater enjoyment in playing the game.

Places to Play

  • US and Worldwide

    For local places to play, you can check out the La Crosse Pickleball page which has updated information on where to play:


Go to the websites of paddle dealers:
Engage, Onix, Selkirk, Paddletek, Wolfe, Pro-Lite, TOPP, HEAD, Gamma, Wilson, Manta, Patriot Pride, Aero, River Styx, Gear Box

Recommended balls for outdoor and indoor play:
Indoor: Onix Pure 2 indoor
Outdoor: Onix Fuse outdoor

These balls are recommended for their durability as they do not crack as easily and retain roundness. In other words, more bang – or dinking – for your buck! The pros choose Dura 40 and Franklin X40 balls because they do not bounce as high as Onix balls which allows for a better third shot drop.

Pickleball Practice

Blogs by Professional Players and Pickleball Organizations