It’s a rockin’ round robin tournament, all day play, party music, fun challenges and more!

Tournament Location:
Winona Tennis Center (next to Cotter High School)    
360 Vila St, Winona, MN 55987    (507) 474-6700


3.0 start time is still around 9:15
4.0 start time is around 9:40
3.5 start time is around 1:15


  • Parking is available at the tennis center’s parking lot as well as the side streets surrounding it.

Check in
You walk through the glass doors to the left of WINONA TENNIS CENTER sign. There is an office window straight ahead to check in and receive your welcome bag.

  • You can check in starting at 8:15 am at the window just outside the entrance to the tennis center.
  • You will receive a Welcome Bag with information from the city of Winona which includes some food coupons
  • You will each receive a PICKLEBALL ROCKS! wristband thanks to Rodney Grubbs himself! The first server in a game must be wearing it during the Round Robin, but all of you will receive one of these souvenirs of the games!
  • All 14 Courts are available for open play until 9 am! That’s right, we added 2 more courts to accommodate the all day play option!

Estimated Start Times for Round Robin

  • Your team will play against ALL other teams in your skill level.
  • 3.0 will begin Round Robin play at 9:15 – 9:20 am – you will play 9 games in the round robin
  • 3.5 will begin Round Robin play around 1:15 pm – you will play 13 games in the round robin
  • 4.0 will begin Round Robin play around 9:40 am – you will play 9 games in the round robin
  • 3.5 estimated finish time is around 5 pm.
  • We will close around 6 pm.

All Day Play will be on courts 11-14 as well as additional courts at various times which will be announced. In general, there should an additional 4 courts available beyond the 11-14 courts for registered players to play on!


  • 3.0 and 3.5 will be using the Onix Fuse G2 yellow outdoor ball
  • 4.0 will be using the Dura Fast 40 yellow outdoor ball
  • All day play will have access to Onix Fuse G2 yellow outdoor balls – provided on the courts and should stay on the courts.

Additional Court Competitions!

  • By skill level (and all day players welcome to join in) there will be a dinking game tournament! Winners will be pickled with their prize! These dinking games are by skill level so you can sign up to play upon arrival. The skill levels will take place either before or after your round robin. So 3.5 will take place in the morning and 3.0 and 4.0 in the afternoon.
  • At times, other courts will have some challenge events – which will be announced throughout the day. If you’re not participating in the Round Robin, you are able to participate. Win $$!!


  • Only BOTTLED WATER (or water in closed containers) are allowed on the courts – NO FOOD is allowed on the courts at any time!!
  • You can bring in food and drinks in a cooler to keep you going all day!
  • You are welcome to bring food to share. There will be a table available if have cookies or other things (such as leftover Halloween candy) you wish to share.
  • There is a coke vending machine available that has pop and gatorade drinks.
  • There is a water fountain available to refill water bottles.
  • No alcohol allowed on the premises.

Other information – and what to expect

  • During play, if there is any issue regarding a pickleball rule, or other issues, please stop play and see me, the Tournament Director, immediately.
  • You are welcome to bring your own portable chairs to sit in. Your skill level will be playing in a general area, so if you wish to bring your chair onto the courts and pickleball bag you can. Be sure to set them along the sides of the courts.
  • You can bring your water bottles (CLOSED containers so there are not spills) onto the court.
  • NO FOOD is allowed on the courts at any time. If you bring a banana and need to eat it, you will need to go to the bleacher level, off the courts. Again, there may be little time between rounds so do so at your own risk and listen for your names being called for the next round if you should leave the court area.
  • Once your round robin starts, you will stay on the court level. You’ll finish your round and report your scores to the tournament personnel on the courts. You will then start play with your next opponents.
  • You are allowed a 2 minutes between games but no more than 5 minutes. It is helpful to all to keep the rounds moving.
  • These rounds are not timed – so some games may take longer than others. You may need to wait for another team to finish. You are welcome to stay “warm” on open courts while you wait.
  • Games are to 11 points, win by 1.


  • We advertised that there would be medals just for 1st place. However, due to the large number of registrations we received, we will be awarding medals to 2nd and 3rd place as well!
  • How are medals earned? The team with the highest points earned will be 1st, second highest points earned wins 2nd, and so forth.
  • If there is a tie, the next determining factor will be to look at total number of games won, and last, to look at who won in head to head competition with the team you are tied with.

As you know, this is a Rockin’ Robin with a twist – it’s everybody poppin’ together! As your team plays, you will encounter other teams where it could be men vs women in one round, and the next mixed vs men. You will play the other teams in your same skill level. Let’s have a great time out there!

* Refund policy: Any asks for a refund will be less the administration fee of $3 and the sales tax. Refunds must be asked for by Wednesday, October 30, 10 pm. No refunds after that time. 

Registration is now closed