It’s a round robin tournament, all day play, fun challenges, music, and more!


  • Open play from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm on designated courts! So come play, relax, eat, play, get involved in the other activities, and play some more! If you’re doing the Round Round tournament, you’ll play during that designated time.
  • 3.0 to 5.0  round robin tournament at designated times on designated courts with medals for 1st place (see note below that 5 teams are needed per skill level)! If the number of players is great, the time may go past 6 pm to get in all Round Robins.If the number of players is great, the time may go past 6 pm to get in all Round Robins.
  • To be CLEAR: you are signing up in a skill level to play as a women’s, men’s or mixed doubles team. You are then playing against others in your same skill level that will be a mix of men’s, women’s and mixed doubles teams.
  • Rockin’ music… and maybe some group dance music, too!
  • Surprise skill events!
  • Music trivia events!
  • Bring in your own fun food to eat and/or share!
  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

You can register as a team for the round robin (men’s, women’s or mixed doubles team) and you will play at your skill rating. The person with the highest skill rating will be where the team is placed, so choose your partner carefully.

This is a Rockin’ Robin with a twist – it’s everybody poppin’ together! As your team plays, you will encounter other teams where it could be men vs women in one round, and the next mixed vs men. You will play the other teams in your same skill level. The team with the highest total points earned at end of all rounds will win the 1st place medal. If there is a tie for total points, then we will look at who won in head to head competition.

If you register as an individual for round robin, you will be put with another person of your skill level who also registered as an individual should a person register of your same skill level. If a pairing is not available, you will be encouraged to keep your registration to play all day. And it is best to find someone to partner with for the Round Robin. Otherwise, we will follow the *refund policy noted below.

Our goal is to have five (5) teams per division for Round Robin action. So recruit your friends! If five teams are not reached for a skill level, you will have the option to 1) play up a skill level or 2) come play all day and enjoy all the other fun. If you feel strongly you only want to play in Round Robin, please contact the tournament director for a *refund.

As for starting times, it will depend on the number of registrations for a skill level. As for now, 3.0 will start off the morning around 9 am, 3.5 perhaps around 10 am, 4.0 around 12 noon and 4.5 and higher will follow in the afternoon based on number of previous entries.

* Refund policy: Any asks for a refund will be less the administration fee of $3 and the sales tax. Refunds must be asked for by Wednesday, October 30, 10 pm. No refunds after that time. 

Early Registration Opened Sept 23 and will continue until Wed, Oct 23 at 10 pm for $20 per person.

Final registration is Oct 24 –Oct 31 for $25 per person

Register Here (Sept 23-Oct 31)