Beginning September 2021

Price to play

See FEES page for details. There is a new Pickleball Membership available. PB members pay $5 per 2-hour session. Non-PB members pay $8 per 1.5-hour session.

Weekday mornings 8:30 am – 12 noon  and  Sundays 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Reservations required or call ahead for a court. This is not drop-in play. Bring your pre-arranged group to play on your reserved court. Play for 2 hours maximum.

Saturday mornings 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Drop-In play is available on Saturdays but is restricted to court 6. We encourage people to make group reservations (party of 4 or 5) much like what we require our tennis community to do. This makes it easier for scheduling, but if you do not have a group, the Saturday drop-in will commence on the third Saturday in September.

One-time FREE pickleball instruction

To help you get started with pickleball, you can schedule a one-time FREE instruction session. Contact Dan Hampton at 507-474-6000 (or on his cell at 608-792-1111).


Pickleball, the “fun game with a funny name” is America’s fastest growing sport! It is a game that borrows rules from tennis, badminton and ping-pong (table tennis) and creates its own rules. It has three very notable differences from those three other sports: 1) the non-volley zone (aka “the kitchen”), 2) the underhand serve, and 3) the double bounce rule. LEARN MORE

View Beginner’s Guide on How to Play Pickleball

Watch Pickleball Being Played by the Pros

Wimbledon Doubles Champion, JoAnne Russell, is now an avid Pickleball player and instructor!

Why Tennis Players Love Pickleball

Pickleball Players

TENNIS LEGENDS go at for the 2018 PADDLE BATTLE!!!

Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi played Pickleball on March 10, 2018. They were playing for their charities and had a lot of fun! As the video of them playing are only on Facebook at the moment, this site cannot link to it, but you can copy this link and then scroll to 1 hr 10 minutes to see them introduced and watch them play! Click here for the link.