Ladder League Play

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Ladder League play is suspended for now.

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The format of play is designed so that players, men and women, will play mostly with others of similar skill levels in competitive games. Your ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage (the ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the most recent weeks of play will be used for this calculation.

Medals were awarded to the top 3 players by percentage at the end of the season. To qualify, players must have participated in a minimum of 4 rounds of play.

How does it work?

  • The cost is $6 – payable upon arrival.
  • You do not have to play each month. Play one month, skip another. When you come back, your playing percentage remains the same. You can also enter the Ladder League at any time, such as January. (But to qualify for medal, you need to play for 3 of the month’s dates of play.)
  • You must register your intention to play by Thursday at 10 pm in order to play on the second Saturday of the month. There are no “drop in” players as an even number of players is required. (However, there is open play on other courts at the same time.)
  • An even number of players is required – so if 22 people sign up, the last 2 people to sign up will be cut from the league play that week.
  • There is a minimum of 8 registered players required for a Ladder League to take place.
  • Each round, players will be placed in groups of 4 in the order of their ranking on the ladder for match play. Note: If you have not played in the league yet, it will be based on your skill rating and likely placement based on players registered that week.
  • You will play 3 games, one game with each of the other players assigned. There will then be a break/free time to play while scores are inputted, then round 2 of the ladder league will take place with 3 more games.
  • At the start of the game, players will decide who starts serving first. Each person can be the first server (0-0-2 server) only once.
  • Each game is to 11 points, win by 1 point. Maximum points to win for the evening is therefore 33 points. At 6 points, you will switch sides. (You can remain on the same side if all agree.)
  • Your personal score is recorded on the score sheet after each game.
  • Failure to show up when you signed up to play results in a zero being put on your score which will lower you in the ladder rankings severely. A second “no show” means you will not be allowed to participate in the ladder league. By not showing up, you have impacted the day of THREE other players who had planned to play which is not fair to them.

All USAPA rules will be followed for play as in a tournament. If you are not familiar with the rules, get familiar and look over all of these rules on our website HERE. If any dispute about a call, the Ladder Captain will determine the call or ruling.

Ladder Standings

After each league play, standings will be posted online within a few days. Scroll to end of page to see current standings.

Percentage Establishment

  • Playing percentage is based on the number of points scored divided by the number of points possible (33 for a 3-game match of 11 points per game). So if you get 33 out of 33 points, you get 100%. If you score 25 out of a possible 33 points, you get 76% for that week.
  • The Ladder program tracks players’ rankings to eliminate major “bouncing” up and down the ladder. For instance, if you are a new player starting at the bottom of the ladder and your first score is 33, your percentage would be 100. Logically, your next match would be against the top players, which may not be in everyone’s best interest. So the program used has a built-in ONE- FOURTH rule which RESTRICTS a player’s movement to no more than one-fourth of the ladder regardless of their percentage. Hence, one week you could have 85% and be ranked below a player who has 75% because you moved up only 1/4 of the ladder positions from where you were. The reverse holds true going down the ladder should you have a very bad day. The ONE-FOURTH rule overrides your percentage. Hence, you could have 75% and still be ranked higher than someone with 80% because you moved down only 1/4 of the ladder positions from where you were.

Ladder League Final Standings

(each person played minimum of 4 Rounds to qualify for a medal)

Ladder 1

1st: Jeff S  86%  2nd: Rachana M  78%  3rd: Cathy E 72%

4th: William B 69%

6 other players played less than 4 rounds

Ladder 2 – 4.0

1st: Matt B  92%  2nd: Vivek N 83.33%    3rd: Karen B 83.03%

4th: Andrew O and Bob L.  80%

5th: Kurt L  76%

6th: Derek E. 74%

7th: Dave B. 72%

6 other players played less the 4 rounds